O Bulbul!



Brothers we are, o bulbul, dear!
Yet how unlike, completely, we're!

I drink patience and chew my shame
You live to sing night and noon
my heart is smoke and raging flame
Your rosy heart's a charming tune

In afterlife you become a breeze
a dust, an echo sways with ease

But your brother chews his pain
in his shrouds in endless chain

Ah of when soul comes back in
And the Two Angels come and say:
"How… what…. Where… and when".
Will it be nice or cruel way?
All that will be tomorrow, then
the price of speech I will pay

How glad the earth's dust is!
How happy the bird's heart is!

I wish I'd been a lifeless bein',
a fiction can't be caught or seen

O God I am a sinful man. Please,
bestow on me some calming ease











The Poetry By Abdullah Salamah (Syrian Poet)

Poetic Translation by Salma Al-Helali

Performance by Abu Aljoud (Munzer Sarmini)

Literal Translation By Salma Al-Helali




Literal Translation



CopyRight & Designed By Salma Al-Helali